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If we do not analyze the data we generate, we are wasting time and resources
Cloud Load Testing

Every business generates a lot of data thru applications, IoTs, vendor systems, bots, social feeds etc.

We help orgs to extract data, clean it, load to big data store, provide meaningful dashboards that can help every member to take goal oriented actions.

asd monitoring

When regular analytics go beyond human capacity to reason, we apply ML/AI methods on data.

We help companies to identify the data candidates for ML, identify the right models for prediction and fine tune the parameters to achieve the optimal prediction score.

synthetic user monitoringOpen Source Bigdata Analytics

Every penny is important. When we have explosive data growth, we need to reduce cost to have capacity.

To store and process bigdata, we embrace open source in a big way. We are the founding members of IIT Madras initiative,

real user monitoring

Call centers, social media, medical records, contracts, support tickets....all these deal with natural language content.

We assist to process these vast natural language content and analyze the same for sentiments and emphasis.

real user monitoring

Every door, every air conditioner, every dining table, every THING - they will all be generating data sooner or later.

In this connected world of things, we correlate the events from multiple IoT sensors, in real time.

Need an easy way to Monitor & Load Test your site?

Resileo is perfect for novice business users and performance experts alike.
Cloud Load Testing

Development and Testing teams need to stress test before making releases with confidence.

A small portion of code, added newly, can choke your whole app. Proactively performance test your app for 1000s of virtual users using LoadTesting tool

asd monitoring

IT Ops and Dev Ops need every aspect of your applications and databases.

Unless the apps, servers and databases perform optimally, end users will feel slowness. Monitor the entire stack in one place.

synthetic user monitoringSynthetic User Monitoring

It is how your customers see your app, from their locations.

Speed of the page is the top most item for the best user experience. Monitor your app from 40+ world-wide locations.

real user monitoring

Insights about your real users, helps you to sell and up-sell, in a better and easy way.

Tracking every visit and details about real users, helps marketing and business teams to make informed decisions.

synthetic user monitoringAvailabilty Monitoring

Availability Index is one key measurement to the CIOs and IT heads. IT Infrastructure team and application teams work hard to get the apps responding faster. It is all the more important that users are able to access apps from their geo locations.

real user monitoring

Applications and subsystems write log files continuously. What exactly happened during error and exception situations, are visible only when you view the log files. Don't let your important log information vaporize into a black-hole. Take control of it.

Applications and subsystems write log files continuously. What exactly happened during error and exception situations, are visible only when you view the log files. Don't let your important log information vaporize into a black-hole. Take control of it.

Perfect End User Performance Monitoring & Alerts

Page speed is the foremost factor that increases your conversion rates.  Every location in the world is different, and every user is different.

Monitor your app from global locations. Performance measurements from these locations, every 1 hour, gets you the exact pulse of user experience. Proactively monitor your apps, for your global users. Resileo will tell the exact bottlenecks in every page.


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IIT Madras
HCL Technologies
Global Analytics
Enstar Group
Daimler Chrysler Research & Technology
TVS Logistics
Star Health
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Customer Testimonials

End to end performance visibility, provided by Resileo really helps us. Daily digests from Resileo provide cool data that that I want to see. I suggest every SaaS product, to use Resileo.
Santhosh C, KreatoCRM
It was imperative for us, being a personal finance application, to have a third party test and validate our Android mobile app before we launched to the public. Resileo stepped right in with its professionalism, work ethic and QA expertise at an affordable price. I am happy to say FinAskus is now live on the Google Play Store to rave reviews. You can now avail our financial advisory services by downloading us from the play store and visiting us at
Manish Hemrajani, COO, Finaskus Technologies
With Resileo, we are able to view the full-stack performance of our applications and servers. Resileo helped us to overcome application scalability issues in an agile mode.
Sankaran G, City Union Bank