Data Analytics

Human + Machine + Learning + Intelligence.....

We assist you to infer the unknown facts from your own data. Most organizations forget the data they collect. Knowing the finer details from your data can help you to take faster and accurate decisions and to increase business volume without additional sales spending.


Resileo has a team of data analysts and data scientists who have helped organizations to get powerful insights from data. Our teams will do:

  • Data exploration and mapping
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data ingestion to Bigdata store
  • Data aggregation
  • Visual analytics (see gallery)
  • Apply Machine Learning and AI techniques on data


We have handled TBs of data in the following sectors to crunch the numbers.

  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Supply chain
  • Government - tax, public distribution system, registration system, employment details, transportation
  • IoT Sensor Data, Pollution Data
  • HR, Marketing, Customer Profile
  • Waste Management
  • Site Analysis
  • System performance data, system log file data and security data

Technology Stack

We recommend open source stack for bigdata analytics when it comes to lowest cost and highest scalability. We have done a variety of engagements using the following tools.

  • Hadoop HDFS cluster, Apache Kudu
  • Postgress cluster
  • ClickHouse, Mongo, Cassandra
  • Hive, Tez
  • PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, Apache Superset
  • Presto, Impala query engines
  • GO, Java ETL adaptors
  • Kafka to stream data from various sources to data lake
  • R, Python, Apache Spark ML, H2O
  • AWS cloud, Azure cloud

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Resileo has helped many companies to establish CoE on data analytics. The CoE will be the model for the whole organization when it comes to any data need. CoE will be responsible to:

  • Establish data access policies, ETL policies, analytics strategy
  • Create small PoC (proof of concept) items and execute PoCs
  • Roll out successful PoCs to projects/departments
  • Collect analytics related feedback across the organization
  • Experiment Ml/AI models on data, measure results
  • Create a knowledge repository on all data needs

‍Customer List

IIT Madras
HCL Technologies
Global Analytics
Enstar Group
Daimler Chrysler Research & Technology
TVS Logistics
Star Health
L&T Infotech

Customer Testimonials

End to end performance visibility, provided by Resileo really helps us. Daily digests from Resileo provide cool data that that I want to see. I suggest every SaaS product, to use Resileo.
Santhosh C, KreatoCRM
It was imperative for us, being a personal finance application, to have a third party test and validate our Android mobile app before we launched to the public. Resileo stepped right in with its professionalism, work ethic and QA expertise at an affordable price. I am happy to say FinAskus is now live on the Google Play Store to rave reviews. You can now avail our financial advisory services by downloading us from the play store and visiting us at
Manish Hemrajani, COO, Finaskus Technologies
With Resileo, we are able to view the full-stack performance of our applications and servers. Resileo helped us to overcome application scalability issues in an agile mode.
Sankaran G, City Union Bank