Government Data Analytics

Government produces the maximum data, but the analytics and consumption of that data is very less. Analytics must be the key item to take decisions at all levels. Interaction between every department based on data holds the key for faster decision making.

Real-time data stream

Data acquisition from source system and streaming to ingest that into data lake is very critical for analytics. We help you do that.

‍Government OLTP systems run 24 by 7 and the portals face very steep spikes in usage, based on new projects and incentives.

  • Department usage data
  • Citizen portal data
  • Documents of different formats
  • Identity verification of various Government provided IDs
  • Payment gateways related data
  • Cross channel communication between departments
  • Issue, re-issue of certificates to citizens
  • Portal visit statistics

Correlation Analytics

Adoption of citizen portal will be successful when we understand the cross-channel needs of citizens. Every document that gets exchanged, requires a lot of verification of facts from various other departments.

Unless these data are brought under one very large data lake, it will be impossible to achieve this. Yet, the apps must deliver with speed!

  • Time series correlation
  • Most used data between two departments
  • Pattern of suspicious data flow
  • Peak season Vs lull period usage
  • Shift of data usage - time, region based
  • Data correction pattern Vs usage

Case Study

We have done performance analytics as well as business analytics for three high citizen facing departments, in one of the largest states in India.

  • Monitored all servers, applications and databases of 3 key departments
  • Provided performance insights in real time
  • Provided correlation between usage and resource consumption that helps in fine tuning the apps
  • Fully configurable dashboards for summary and detailed level citizen interactions, issues and feedback
  • Searchable option in performance analytics
  • Data is in on-premises servers
  • Data consistency checks are made

‍Customer List

IIT Madras
HCL Technologies
Global Analytics
Enstar Group
Daimler Chrysler Research & Technology
TVS Logistics
Star Health
L&T Infotech

Customer Testimonials

End to end performance visibility, provided by Resileo really helps us. Daily digests from Resileo provide cool data that that I want to see. I suggest every SaaS product, to use Resileo.
Santhosh C, KreatoCRM
It was imperative for us, being a personal finance application, to have a third party test and validate our Android mobile app before we launched to the public. Resileo stepped right in with its professionalism, work ethic and QA expertise at an affordable price. I am happy to say FinAskus is now live on the Google Play Store to rave reviews. You can now avail our financial advisory services by downloading us from the play store and visiting us at
Manish Hemrajani, COO, Finaskus Technologies
With Resileo, we are able to view the full-stack performance of our applications and servers. Resileo helped us to overcome application scalability issues in an agile mode.
Sankaran G, City Union Bank