Synthetic User Monitoring

Speed Test Features

Synthetic user monitoring is a web page test and speed test module and it's features are

  • Test the website from around the globe
  • Simulate with real user browsers
  • Configure connections speed to simulate the real user connection
  • Provision to get the status of the first time view and repeat view
  • Provision to test website with multi-steps transaction
  • Simulate with actual mobile device and mobile browsers
  • Generate alerts on breach of set warning and critical value

Speed Test Report

Resource Timing

Synthetic user monitoring report gives the diagnostic information through waterfall chart. From the waterfall chart, it is easy to get the resource timing of below resources

  • DNS lookup time
  • Connection Time
  • Sending time
  • First buffer time
  • Receiving time
  • Start Render time

Using the above report, it is very easy to identify the issues related to local ISP, network or server. Combining the test along with Real user Monitoring, Application stack monitoring and profiling will help to pin down the problem to the exact time period. Our apm analytic engine will provide information about the application stack behavior and this analysis further will lead to root cause of the issue and identify the bottleneck effectively.

The Start Render time is the first point in time that something was displayed to the screen.  Before this point in time the user was staring at a blank page. This should be within 5 sec as per the industry standard for better user experience

‍Customer List

IIT Madras
HCL Technologies
Global Analytics
Enstar Group
Daimler Chrysler Research & Technology
TVS Logistics
Star Health
L&T Infotech

Customer Testimonials

End to end performance visibility, provided by Resileo really helps us. Daily digests from Resileo provide cool data that that I want to see. I suggest every SaaS product, to use Resileo.
Santhosh C, KreatoCRM
It was imperative for us, being a personal finance application, to have a third party test and validate our Android mobile app before we launched to the public. Resileo stepped right in with its professionalism, work ethic and QA expertise at an affordable price. I am happy to say FinAskus is now live on the Google Play Store to rave reviews. You can now avail our financial advisory services by downloading us from the play store and visiting us at
Manish Hemrajani, COO, Finaskus Technologies
With Resileo, we are able to view the full-stack performance of our applications and servers. Resileo helped us to overcome application scalability issues in an agile mode.
Sankaran G, City Union Bank