Availability Monitoring

Availability comes even before performance

One small device or router in the whole chain, can disconnect your app from your end customers.

Availability Index is one key measurement to the CIOs and IT heads. IT Infrastructure team and application teams work hard to get the apps responding faster. With applications being complex, we must first ensure that the app is up and running; it must be accessible to the users. It is all the more important that users are able to access apps from their geo locations.

Resileo provides a simple and elegant way to monitor the availability of:

  • Applications
  • Hardware Devices
  • Network Devices
  • Peripheral Devices

As long as there is a way to check  the availability of the app or device, using a http url, Our apm can monitor the availability and up time of the same.

If you want to ensure the availability of your CRM or HR or core banking app, from your own office locations/branches, you can do the same with our apm Availability Monitoring agents. In case of the app not being available, you can find out the reason as well such as network failure, app down etc.

By ensuring availability of apps, you automatically comply with SLAs and IT Operations Management best practices.

This also gives a proactive monitoring from your head quarters. The central team can find out which branches/locations are disconnected from the central apps, before your customers keep calling you.

Configuring Availability Monitoring (AVM) in our apm

Availability Monitoring (AVM) monitors your Web Applications for its online availability from a specified location. The Availability statistics are displayed in the AVM Dashboard.

Steps for Availability Monitoring

  • Open Appedo APM Portal URL in a browser.
  • Login with valid credentials.
  • Click on USER View tab.
  • Click on AVM.
  • Download the AVM agent from the home page
  • Extract the Downloaded file to desired location.
  • Enter the Location name as shown with highlighted letters, in the configuration properties file found in extracted folder as below and Save the file                                 
  • #AGENT_VERSION=xx.xx.xx                
  • COLLECTOR_URL=xxxxx.xx.xx                
  • USER_ID=yklaludiiQ1c2v8X8NHXqQQAMPERAGE3DQAMPESEAGESED                
  • GUID=               
  •  # LOCATION Eg.: country#state#city#region#zone                
  • AGENT_LOCATION=UnitedStates##California##                
  • Open the Command prompt
  • Execute the following commands
  • copy "%JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib\security\cacerts" cacerts_appedo_agent
  • keytool -import -alias apm.appedo.com -keystore cacerts_appedo_agent -storepass changeit -file apm.appedo.com.crt -noprompt
  • java -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=cacerts_appedo_agent -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword=changeit -jar appedo_avm_monitor.jar

NOTE:- Ensure successful Installation of AVM Agent, The location status appears in green color in the APM portal.

  • Click on Plus Symbol for adding AVM Test
  • Click on Availability Monitor
  • Enter test name, URL.
  • Select Start date, End date
  • Select duration and click proceed
  • Select Location from “Location” screen
  • Once you have configured AVM Test, it is available as an AVM card Layout
  • Click on AVM test card layout to view the Application(URL)’s Availability status for the Location


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