Training in Data Analytics, ML & AI

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From now on, every person, irrespective of the industry, must have the skills in Data analytics, ML & AI. Every business needs data analysts. This is the time to get yourself equipped.


What is this program all about?

Covid-19 pandemic has rewritten the way we work and live. Traveling and staying outside your home is getting restricted, but job search cannot stop.
If one has to stay back at home town, yet utilize this precious time, then this is a golden opportunity for you.

Learn the greatest and latest trending course, i.e. data analytics, now.

  • Get trained by people who have got more than 15+ years of industry experience
  • This is a full online live training program
  • 7.00pm to 8.00pm. Medium of teaching is English.
  • The money you donate for this course, goes to educational non-profit
  • 4.5 months from now, you must be able to do business analytics
  • 9 months from now, you must be able to use ML models
  • Total duration is 9 months (2 modules, 4.5 months each)
  • Course days - Monday to Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

Tools & Tech that you will learn

We recommend open source stack for bigdata analytics when it comes to lowest cost and highest scalability. We have done a variety of engagements using the following tools.

  • Postgres RDBMS
  • ClickHouse (bigdata)
  • Metabase analytics visualizer
  • Tableau analytics visualizer
  • ETL routines
  • Python programming
  • TensorFlow for ML/AI
  • H2O
  • Datasets from various industries
  • Project Management tools

Eligibility Criteria

This is a course for EVERY person, irrespective of the industry in which one works, and for EVERYONE who looks out for a job and everyone who is doing college education.

  • You can be a working person in any industry (Software, BPO, Accounting, Marketing, Teaching and so on.)
  • You can be a job seeker who had finished or currently doing, BSc/BCom/BE/BBA/BCA/
  • You must know MS Excel
  • You must be willing to do more practice at home, based on the exercises given
  • You need to spend at least 1 hour on weekdays for this course.
Foundation Course - 2 Days

Before students join the course, they have to go thru a warm-up or foundation session. The foundation session will be conducted for 2 days. The aim of this is to set the expectations and the necessary spade works properly. Students will get a clarity on what they will get out of this, the opportunities, the basics that they need to refresh etc.  

  • The role of data in decision making
  • Day-to-day data genaration and data consumption
  • Data manipulation with Excel
  • Evolution of data analytics space
  • Market needs and opportunities
  • What are the current skillset gaps?
  • Our expectations from you
  • Basic infrastructure requirements
  • How to make the best use of online education?
  • How to develop passion towards data?

Course Modules

The course is split into 2 parts - Data/Business Analytics (4.5 months, 2 weeks project) and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (4.5 months, 2 weeks project). Each module will have 130 training hours.

  • Business Analytics - 4.5 months - 130 hours total. Hours include practical exercise hours as well.
  • Basics of Data Science (10 hours)
  • Data Management Fundamentals using SQL (25 hours)
  • Business Insights (10 hours)
  • Data Visualization (25 hours)
  • Domain Specific Business Analytics (20 hours)
  • Python programming (20 hours)
  • Basic Statistics using Python (15 hours)
  • Project Management (5 hours)
  • Project work (30 hours – outside class hours)
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - 4.5 months – 130 hours. Hours include practical exercise hours as well.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (10 hours)
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning (15 hours)
  • Advanced Statistics using Python (25 hours)
  • Regression & Classification for Business Applications (50 hours) - Time series, Regression, Classification, Clustering, AutoML
  • Advanced Topics (TensorFlow)  (30Hours)
  • Project work (30hours – outside class hours)

Download Detailed Course Topics



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Your Contribution / Donation

ALL the contribution / donation given by you goes to educational non-profit.  

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  • Benefits will go to Open Mentor Trust, Chennai. Open Mentor Trust is a non-profit organization. Resileo Labs helps Open Mentor trust to give visibility to general public, to know about the good deeds of Open Mentor Trust. Resileo Labs feels proud to help Open Mentor Trust for noble acitivities on education.

Dr. V. Krithika, M.S., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
Expert - Healthcare Data Analytics
Passionate about the mathematical concepts behind ML/AI, Management
Sriraman Kalyanaraman
Senior Project Advisor, ICSR, IIT Madras
Principal Data Architect, Resileo Labs
Research on data analytics/Machine learning.
Development of data models for different industries
Planning for dashboard visualization and dashboard security
Development of APM open source tool - APPEDO
Pichumani Nagarajan
Founder & CEO, Resileo Labs

Data analytics, ML, AI
Kaushik Raghavan
Data Architect, Resileo Labs

Data analytics, ML, AI
Test automation
Internet scale performance testing and tuning
Currently doing PhD at IIIT-DM Kanchipuram on data analytics