Frequently Asked Questions

Why Resileo? I am currently using another APM solution. Why should I consider switching to Resileo?

The odds are that you are currently using one product for load testing, another for Synthetic monitoring and another for Real User monitoring and Application deep dive analytics. Only Resileo offers an integrated product that manages all your APM needs from one control panel and displays all the results on a customizable dashboard. Resileo is the only APM solution in the industry that offers Load testing, Synthetic User Monitoring (Resileo SUMTM), Real User Monitoring (Resileo RUMTM), Mobile User Monitoring (Resileo MUMTM) and Deep dive analytics (Resileo ADDTM) from one integrated platform.

Why is Resileo better?

Resileo is the only APM solution in the industry that offers Load testing, Synthetic User Monitoring (Resileo SUMTM), Real User Monitoring (Resileo RUMTM), Mobile User Monitoring (Resileo MUMTM) and Deep dive analytics (Resileo ADDTM) from one integrated platform. We collect and analyze data from each individual measurement and offer analytics based on all the measurements. Although other APM tools offer so called analytics, they fail to mention that they are not measuring everything needed to offer a complete APM. In other words, they can’t really analyze that they don’t measure, leaving a very significant gap in your analytics.

I am currently doing Real User Monitoring and deep dive Analytics. Why should I care about Synthetic user monitoring?

It’s the difference between being proactive vs. reactive. Synthetic User Monitoring is akin to preventative care vs. emergency care. With Real User monitoring, you have to wait for a real client to have a problem before you realize that there is a problem. Resileo SUMTM (Synthetic User Monitoring) allows you to be proactive and realize that there is a problem somewhere along the application delivery chain before your clients feel the pain. It offers a chance to significantly improve client satisfaction and improve user experience.

How can Resileo help with my new marketing initiative?

Resileo can help you maximize your marketing ROI by helping put the dollars in the right place. Using our load test, we can help you ensure that your web site can handle the additional expected traffic. By using Resileo SUMTM (Synthetic User Monitoring), you can ensure that your users or clients from a particular geography will have a good user experience. If you are in the process of opening new data centers, Resileo SUMTM can also help you determine what the user experience will be for each of the data center locations helping you invest in the right location.

My Apps are hosted on a public cloud. Do I need to worry about APM?

With the current cloud initiatives, it’s even more important to monitor your application delivery performance. It’s the audit that allows you to determine that your cloud-hosting provider is delivering the performance and uptime that they promised.

My cloud-hosting provider manages my apps and manages performance. Do I still need to worry about APM?

Most cloud hosting companies offer uptime and performance time guarantees. Resileo allows you to independently audit and ensure that the SLA’s are not being breached. It’s the difference between you knowing that something is about to go wrong in the application delivery chain or hearing about it from the hosting provider next day, after there was a problem or worse, reading about it in the paper.

Why is APM important to my business?

Study after study has shown that for every second past 4 seconds it takes for your content to load, you lose 10% of the visitors on your web site. This means that if your content loaded in 8 seconds, you have potentially lost 40% of the clients. These are clients that you spent money on to drive to your site. Resileo can help you be proactive in predicting these challenges and avoid performance issues.

I don’t have end users visiting my web site/applications. Do I need to think about APM?

Even if you don’t have end user customers on your web site, the odds are that like most companies in the 21st century, you are delivering content to your employees, partners or vendors. Your employees might be accessing your ERP or HR systems over the web; your partners might be accessing your systems on the web and so on. Every second an employee, partner or vendor waits for content to be delivered causes drops in productivity. Resileo can help you boost productivity by ensuring that the content is being delivered

How can Resileo help me increase my revenue and thus, the bottom line?

Like most companies, you are spending money to drive visitors to your web site and are working to convert visitors to paying clients. Resileo can help ensure that your site is performing at optimum levels to ensure that the money you spend on marketing and drive traffic to your web site is actually working by helping convert these visitors into customers. Resileo can help lower the abandoned sales that might occur due to poor application performance. If the content being delivered fails to meet the expected performance, these visitors will potentially leave your site and visit other sites with same content or product. In this case, you have paid to drive traffic and paying customers to your competition.

What is an agent?

An agent is a very small, non-intrusive, lightweight, executable file that you download and install on the server that you would like to monitor. The agent will monitor your server health and communicate with our analytics engine to support your monitoring requirements.

What does an agent do?

An agent collects performance details from your server such as CPU usage, memory consumption, disk writes etc. These metrics are sent to Resileo servers for analytics.

How can I view the server health?

Resileo is the only APM solution that comes with an integrated dashboard out of the box. Using a customizable dashboard, you can view the server health as well as APM analytics from any browser-enabled device.

What is Deep Dive Diagnostics (Resileo Application Deep Dive ADD)

Resileo ADD (Application Deep Dive) can pin point bottle necks in your Java/.Net applications to the package, class and function level. In addition, it can help improve the performance of your databases by pinpointing slow queries and other issues. Resileo can provide a complete stack trace of your application call on the server.

What is load testing?

Resileo Load Test is a capacity planning tool that allows you to test whether your site or application can withstand 1000’s of concurrent users you are expecting. Resileo can generate synthetic user request from the cloud to your site or server. Resileo Load Test is one of the most innovative, powerful and yet, easy to use load test engines on the market today. Resileo Load Test comes with a VERY easy to use scripting tool. You can start a load test with a very small number of concurrent users and continuously add users.

I am currently using Jmeter or Selenium scripts. Do I need to learn a whole now scripting tool?

Resileo currently does not support jmeter scripts. Resileo's Synthetic user monitoring support transaction based on selenium scripts. Just copy paste and start using.

What is Synthetic User Monitoring (Resileo SUM)?

Resileo has data center locations at hundreds of sites worldwide. From these sites, Resileo SUM (Synthetic User Monitoring) can generate synthetic traffic to your server to give you analytics on what the user experience will be from various geographic locations. If you are about to open a new office, open a new data center location or start marketing your product or service to a new region, it’s best to see what the user experience is going to be like from the new region. Resileo currently has hundreds of locations worldwide and more locations are coming online everyday.

What is Real User Monitoring (Resileo RUM)?

Resileo RUM (Real User Monitoring) allows you to monitor and analyze real user behavior and experience on your site or server. Resileo RUM can help trace the entire transaction for a real user to help ensure that the user has a good experience and if not, what caused the error or missed SLA.

Can Resileo work on private cloud?

We at Resileo realize that there are legal and security implications when it comes to the data leaving your premises. Resileo platform has been architected to work on both public as well as private cloud. We have a full cloud based version as well as a on-premises version where the data never leaves your infrastructure.

We have a SOX or HIPAA compliant infrastructure. Can I still use Resileo?

Resileo platform has been architected to work on both public as well as private cloud. We have a full cloud based version as well as a on-premises version where the data never leaves your infrastructure. Ask your rep for a demo on an On-Prem. version or send an email to to have someone contact you.

Can Resileo monitor my storage devices?

Yes, Resileo can monitor most devices in your infrastructure and pinpoint which device is causing performance challenges.

Can Resileo monitor my network devices?

Feature under development.

Where are Resileo servers located?

Resileo has hundreds of data center locations worldwide, hosted with some of the largest Tier-1 data centers. We are consistently adding new locations weekly.To get the current list of the data center locations, please contact sales rep or from

I don’t see a data center location for a geo location I would like to see. Can you still help?

Yes. Resileo is adding new data center locations on a weekly basis. If you have a particular location you would like to see, please contact our sales rep or send an email to to have someone contact you.

Is there an eval. version? Can I try Resileo?

Yes, Resileo offers a free lite version for perpetual use. It has the same features set as a full enterprise version. The lite version can store data for the last 1 hour. If you would like to do a POC on a full Resileo with full data retention, please contact us at

I am currently using another load testing tool. Can I use that script in Resileo?

Resileo currently support only Resileo load testing tool and jmeter for scripting. Hence require re-scripting to use Resileo or Jmeter cloud based load testing.

Is there a competitive upgrade pricing for Resileo? I am currently using another tool but want to move to Resileo.

Yes, there is. Please contact our sales rep or contact us at

Does Resileo have on-premise version, as we want to keep our performance data in our servers?

Yes. Resileo supports both cloud version as well as on-premise version. We respect your data privacy.

Can I choose only the specific monitors I want, for my licensing?

Yes of course. Every dollar that you have earned hard is very important. You can select the number of monitors and types of monitors you want.

How is the load testing module licensed?

Load testing depends on 3 important parameters. a) Number of virtual users, b) Duration of each test and c) Number of tests executed per day. Based on these parameters, we will provide the highly cost effective license.

Do you support startups and non-profits?

Yes, very much. We love startups and non-profits. We will provide the best possible discounts to startups and non-profits.

Do you do consulting, as we need help in understanding the performance data?

Yes, absolutely. Our Performance Assurance team takes care of that. Performance data along with our consulting, will get you the benefits very quickly with the best ROI.

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