Logistics Data Analytics

One of the key drivers of an economy is logistics. It is the fulcrum in any operation ensuring timely availability of material at the required location at the right time any where.

Vehicle, Product, Route, Delivery

Logistics faces multiple challenges in its operations, and it has to optimize many parameters. Hence data analytics plays an important role for achieving best in class efficiency and profits.

We can assist you on the following analytics areas.

  • Fleet utilization
  • On time performance
  • Capacity & route optimization
  • External factors (weather, rail / road conditions)
  • Vehicle availability and operational cost improvement
    (spares / labor)
  • Driver behavior and fuel efficiency for on road trucks
  • Third Party Data Ingestion (Traffic conditions through AI  using contextual intelligence, Google data etc..)

Thru our analytics dashboards, we assisted orgs to ensure that the on-road surprises are avoided.

Optimization helped to reduce time and cost, and increased fuel efficiency with improved vehicle maintenance.

Disjoint parts of logistics is now available in a single dashboard.

Case Study

A case study involving fleet utilization, optimization and on-time performance was carried out for a leading logistics company in South India.

  • Created data lake with GPS, IoT, ERP, weather data feeds
  • 2 ML models created to predict the delivery time
  • Converted text MIS reports to visual dashboards
  • Provided real-time visuals of fleet pan India
  • Correlated delays against 20 different parameters
  • Correlated damages against 15 different parameters
  • Created vehicle maintenance alerts in real time

‍Customer List

IIT Madras
HCL Technologies
Global Analytics
Enstar Group
Daimler Chrysler Research & Technology
TVS Logistics
Star Health
L&T Infotech

Dr. V. Krithika, M.S., Ph.D.
Honorary Guide
Expert - Healthcare Data Analytics
Passionate about the mathematical concepts behind ML/AI, Management
Sriraman Kalyanaraman
Senior Project Advisor, ICSR, IIT Madras
Principal Data Architect, Resileo Labs
Research on data analytics/Machine learning.
Development of data models for different industries
Planning for dashboard visualization and dashboard security
Development of APM open source tool - APPEDO
Pichumani Nagarajan
Founder & CEO, Resileo Labs

Data analytics, ML, AI
Kaushik Raghavan
Data Architect, Resileo Labs

Data analytics, ML, AI
Test automation
Internet scale performance testing and tuning
Currently doing PhD at IIIT-DM Kanchipuram on data analytics