Logs & Errors Monitoring

get error, exception from syslog, event log at ease

Applications and subsystems write log files continuously. What exactly happened during error and exception situations, are visible only when you view the log files. Don't let your important log information vaporize into a black-hole. Take control of it.

Log File Monitoring helps you, to:

  • View all log files in one single panel - a must-have for your devops team
  • Visualize error patterns, drill down to the actual error text
  • No need to get into different machines to look various log details
  • View logs and errors in real time
  • Log file details with performance metrics under one roof

Log File Monitoring supports the following log file formats:

  1. Windows Events Log
  2. Syslog
  3. IIS Logs
  4. Tomcat Logs
  5. MS SQL Log
  6. MySQL log
  7. Postgres Log
  8. log4j logs
  9. More logs will be released soon

Log File Monitoring Mechanism

We use open source logstash for collection of logs and Visualization is integrated with our apm tool

  1. Using our apm portal, you can create a log monitor for a specific log type such as syslog.
  2. Download our log monitoring agent and configure the source of the log file
  3. Install the logstash (our agent itself will do that) and configure logstash to our apm server.
  4. Visualize your log data in our apm portal.

Logs & Errors Monitoring Configuration

  • Logs can be used to identify problems from your servers or applications and visualize the logs from any of your servers in a centralized location
  • Allows you to identify issues from multiple servers by correlating their logs during a specific time frame

Steps for Log Monitoring

  • Open our APM Portal URL in a browser.
  • Login with valid credentials.
  • Click on LOGS.
  • Click on Plus Symbol for adding Logs
  • Once get license for log view, Click on LOGS
  • Enter server name, Description.
  • Select the OS type.
  • Select the type of log to monitor and click save.
  • Once you have added logs, Click on “Download Path” from card layout.
  • Copy the one line installer and paste it in the terminal of the server where you need to monitor the log
  • After executing the one line installer, click the card layout to see the visualization of the logs

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