The Need
Core Banking
Online Banking
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Loan Processing

The Need

Today's banks breathe and live technology. Embracing Technology for speed and ensuring error free transactions keep customers interested .Less foot-falls at the branches and more access via mobile and online is the mantra of banks. This helps banks to serve more customers in less time.

Providing an exceptional online customer experience is the top most priority. In a distributed banking applications that span from Core Banking to ATMs, Loans Processing to Portfolio Investments, RTGS/NEFT and Utility bill payment through simple interfaces is key to keep the customer happy. More the customer uses the online banking application/portal, the more is the brand.

Every second counts when it comes to online banking experience. "You cannot afford to drop a newborn accidentally” is absolutely relevant here.

A banking customer expects everything to happen from his desk anywhere in the world.

  • Is your customer able to get balance enquiry in less than 5 seconds?
  • Is the teller able to do a business transaction without timeout issues, during peak hours?
  • Is your customer support team getting calls about customer frustration in accessing the banking app?
  • Are your ATMs successfully processing every single transaction without errors and in the quickest time?
  • Is your loan processing executive happy with the speed of the apps, while pulling various customer data?

When the banking business teams worry about the above questions, the IT Infrastructure team has its own set of questions to satisfy.

  • Are all servers and apps, up and running without any downtime?
  • Are the apps performing fast for online and batch operations?
  • Are we using the hardware capacity in an optimized way?
  • How many number of times application or database restarted?

Every piece of the banking application must interact well and fast, to achieve these goals.
Resileo can monitor all parts of your banking application and ensure a great experience in performance to the banking customers.

Core Banking

When a customer walks inside a branch or kiosk, the one thing that can create a WoW factor is the speed at which you serve. Making a customer see the spinning wheel while fetching account details is the most painful moment of every banking person. A fast and pleasant experience is the one that gives your bank to get word of mouth referrals, by your current customers.

The core banking includes these key features, and all of these must work fast.

  • Customer Search to pull details
  • Open account
  • Deposit or withdraw cash
  • View transaction details
  • Quick loan apply
  • Issue of Banker’s Cheques, Drafts and Warrants

When the application is not loading fast, the teller has to engage the customer in one way or the other by conversing. When customer gets frustrated seeing the page loading message, every bit of conversation is going to add fuel to the rage.
Serve the customers fast. Do not make them wait.

Before any of your banking application modules go live or modified for business logic, do a pre-production load test to ensure all page speeds are within the 5-6 seconds loading limit.

Monitor all your core banking applications, servers and databases, on a single dashboard. Ensure they all operate without breaching any of the speed thresholds.

Most banks over procure hardware and associated software licenses. Resileo can help you to plan capacity for peak loads, in a clear scientific way. Our process will first emulate such a peak load, monitor the performance on a given hardware and help you to decide the right hardware capacity.

Online Banking

Customers of all age access the banking apps via mobile and PC/Desktop. This means, the same customer may interact with the banking app, multiple times, within the same day. No. of simultaneous customers accessing the application also increases with the expectation that transaction they do is faster and successful from the bandwidth they are connected.

Online banking users, typically go thru these business scenarios.

  • Fund transfer
  • Utility bill payments
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Mini and Detailed statements
  • Balance Enquiry

Each customer may spend only a few minutes with the app, but more users will opt for  this handy access. The usage will peak during salary remittance days, last day of bill payments, festival eve etc.

Resileo Performance Assurance will help you to find transaction slowness with causes of slowness like SQL database query, table locks, application memory leaks, cpu consumption etc,

ATM Transactions

ATMs are now widely used by rural and urban customers. ATM usage patterns provide valuable business intelligence about the consumer spending pattern as well.

Same bank ATMs and other bank ATMs access the bank servers and it can cause choking experience during Friday evenings or festival eves. Since ATMs are located in many places, a small slowness can lead to a longer queue, and it may be picked up by a local TV as a bad news!

ATM customers typically do:

  • Balance enquiry
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Cash Deposit

Though the user communicates to the system for 2-3 minutes, ATMs are sequential – one by one, people have to access. And this is a publicly visible activity in shopping malls and petrol bunks/gas stations.

Technically ATMS talk to servers in TCPIP. The ATMs do have a timeout limit, within which the transaction must happen. Resileo can mimic a load of 1000 ATMs simultaneously sending requests to your banking application.

Load from branches, plus load from net banking along with ATM load, can freeze the banking app. Resileo will help you to pre-empt that situation by continuous monitoring and fine-tuning.

Batch Transactions

Banks do inward and outward clearing of cheques and other transactions. These may be paper based or electronic based like RTGS/NEFT. Certain transactions happen in beginning of day (BOD) and others at End of Day (EOD). These BOD/EOD transactions must be tested for performance.

Batch operations may include salary file processing as well for large corporates.

Since batch processing happens in large number, there may be other background jobs running that may adversely affect the performance of the whole system. So a combination of real time scenarios along with batch scenarios must be carried out to assure the actual overall performance.

Loan Processing

Loan processing is a very high data intensive operation. The number of loans per month may vary from 3000 to 10000, depending upon the size of the bank. The loan details are entered in specific places, processed centrally and then sanctioned/rejected. The loan module will access a lot of customer data thru-out the life of the loan document.
The typical operations that are being performed are:

  • Create customer profile for retail or corporate loan
  • Manage security master details
  • Send loan information to the central office and/or to branches
  • Creating loan applications
  • Generate various documents such as sanction letter, proposal note etc.
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Verify, Sanction/Reject loans based on hierarchy

Loan details are usually handled by bank’s back office employees and not directly by customers. These transactions take a lot of time to enter and search the details.

Towards the month ends, when core banking and loan activities attain the peak, the loan related data can cause significant performance degradation to the system.

Using Resileo, the performance of every loan related activity can be measured and optimized.

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