The Need
Performance Checklist

The Need

eCommerce and the associated electronic retail industry depend on one critical factor - speed. The speed at which the portal responds improves the brand, improves the customer experience and makes the customer to come again to the portal. The repeat business depends fully on the site performance.

A slow site causes 2 things. 1. You lose the customer and 2. You drive the customer to your competitor. The competitor gets a free customer at the expense of your costly campaign!

In the eCommerce and online retail ecosystem, the B2C customer facing site/portal is the brand. Anything good or bad about that spreads fast in the social media. It is upto the business to make a fortune out of that online social impressions.
The online customers are very impatient. Especially with mobile access, the average engagement lasts about 2-3 minutes.

  • Is your customer able to get to the exact product he/she wants to purchase, in less than 5 seconds?
  • Are your shopping cart transactions processed successfully, without payment gateway errors?
  • Do you know what the speed at which your site responds, to a person from Sydney or New York or London or Singapore or New Delhi?
  • When changes are made to the portal, how sure are you about the speed of the portal – is it a guess or do you have real statistics?

When the business teams worry about the above questions, the IT Infrastructure team has its own set of questions to satisfy.

  • Are all servers and apps, up and running without any downtime?
  • Will my app withstand a load of 5000 users at the same time?
  • How many errors do happen during daily peak hours?
  • Are we using the hardware capacity in an optimized way?

Every piece of the ecommerce application must interact well and fast, to achieve these goals.
Resileo can monitor all parts of your ecommerce application and ensure a great experience in performance to the end customers.

Performance Checklist

Watch out before you go live

Before critical releases to production, ensure the following are done.

  • Test critical pages and transactions with 1000s of simultaneous users
  • Measure the CPU, Memory, Network and Disk usage at peak usage
  • Identify any performance bottlenecks at UI level, server side logic level or at database query level
  • Fine tune and re-ensure that the performance improves

Some of the top business scenarios that you must always keep a watch are:

  • Users searching for a product by search text
  • Filter or sort product search results
  • Users viewing specific product details page
  • Add products to cart and make a purchase thru payment gateway

Never ignore any release thinking that nothing changed majorly. Remember – a small duck or dog, in the middle of the highway, can slow down the entire traffic for hours!

Resileo Load Test module is designed for faster scripting, quicker execution and it provides valuable insights about the performance bottlenecks in your application layers.

Performance testing can get your hardware investment reduced by half. You can never get the better ROI than doing the performance testing and ensure the hardware is optimized for your load.

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